GJ Huxley Writing Services

Hi! I’m GJ Huxley, a writer, artist, and independent scholar.

I can make your words work for you.

What sets me apart from other freelancers? Well, besides my winning and completely-at-ease smile, people have repeatedly told me throughout my life that I have a gift with the written word, and a natural talent for analyzing and explaining complex subjects. As a creative and neurodivergent person with both artistic and academic experience, I bring a range and authenticity to my work that stands out from the crowd.

If your words never come out just right and don’t quite work for you, then I can help.

“Many of my co-workers would kill to have your writing talent.”

-An anonymous civil servant.

After several successful years earning numerous accolades as a literary and performing artist, then enjoying an award-winning career as an undergraduate philosopher, including multiple conferences and publications, I’m excited to apply my talents to entrepreneurship and begin giving back to society by doing what I do best.

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