Content Editing

This is the first stage of editing that happens after the initial brainstorm or first draft of your writing project. Content editing involves looking at the big picture of your project. It is about improving the overall structure, style, and clarity of your intended message, to ensure that you are communicating effectively and persuasively to your reader.

Copy Editing

The next stage in the editing process is copy editing. Now that the content of your project is clear, persuasive, and structured for easy comprehension, it’s time to get into the finer details of language. Copy editing deals with grammar, syntax, sentence and paragraph structure, punctuation, voice, flow, length, and so on. The list of details that a copy-editor might address is a long one, which is why this part of the editing process is so important for successful writing.


The final stage in the editing process is the proofread. A proof is a complete manuscript, almost ready for publishing. But before you send off that shiny new book or report or what-have-you to your publisher, it is essential that you have it proofread. Proofreading is the last chance for any errors to be caught and corrected before your beloved writing goes to the printer.

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