GJ Huxley

Hi! I’m GJ.
I like to write, make music, and garden. I’m also an independent scholar in philosophy and mad studies. I’m a neurodivergent and creatively maladjusted person working for a better world.

For a long time I have been working towards a career that makes sense for my atypical brain, where I can exercise my talents and passions in the pursuit of my dreams. So here we are!

The written word has taken me to many interesting places in life, from concert stages across Canada performing poetry and music, to academic conferences presenting complex concepts in front of philosophers and scientists.

While pursuing a PhD in Philosophy at McGill University, I realized that family life, creative work, and climbing the ivory tower were not compatible goals. So I cut loose from academia and have staked my claim as a mercenary – uh, that is to say – freelancer.

I’ve never been great at fitting in. But if you’ve found your way here the chances are good that what you need is someone who stands out. Every freelancer will boast competitive rates and turn-around times, clear communication and impeccable organizational skills. What you get in addition to all that with GJ Huxley is the extra spark of inspiration that can bring your projects to the next level.

As a writer my goal is to always be learning and building on my previous experience. If you don’t see the services you’re looking for listed here, consider contacting me anyway. I love what I do, and you can count on me to do my best work for you, every time. So contact me today and make your words start working for you!

In addition to the services listed in the menus above, I also run a blog about my experiences as a neurodivergent independent scholar with lived experience as a psychiatric survivor. To see what I’m working on check out The Mad Scholar.

To get an idea of my previous experience, you can also check out my CV.

Thanks for stopping by!

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