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Research & Analysis

My domain of academic expertise is in the humanities and social sciences, with emphasis on philosophy of mind, ethics, existentialism, political economy, and disability ethics with a special interest in mad studies. I am comfortable working outside of these domains, and can readily apply my skills to your field of inquiry.

Ethical Copywriting

Have you ever wondered why watching a commercial can sometimes leave you feeling gross inside? Like someone has just tried to hijack your train of thought and crash it into a mall?

Copywriting is writing content (copy), usually for a business, government, or organization, whether it is for marketing, internal communications, public relations, SOP (standard operating procedure) instructions, and so on.
Ethical copywriting involves vetting clients for ethical business practices, and never producing copy to manipulate or deceive the intended audience. Ethical copywriting is honest and treats its audience with respect.

Essays & Editorials

I have a lot of experience using a variety of methods to get through to my audience and express my ideas so that they are clear and persuasive. If a topic aligns with my values and background knowledge, I will gladly work with you to bring it to life and give it a stage.


If you have a manuscript-length project that you just can’t put into words, but you know that it deserves to be brought to light and given a voice – your voice, and no one else’s – I can help. Ghostwriting involves taking on the client’s project and writing from their perspective, adopting their idiosyncrasies and writing in a style that reflects their unique experience and personality.

Grant Writing

A successful grant application must be clear, succinct, and demonstrate perfect attention to detail. Many individuals and organizations are eligible for grant funding but require an outside perspective to ensure they are meeting all eligibility requirements, and persuasively communicating the value of their proposal. I have been through this process myself as an artist numerous times, and with a proven ability to produce successful grant applications, I can help you secure your next grant as well.

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